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Since 1985, we have specialized in ornithology tours throughout Manitoba. This province is endowed with very diverse habitats and rich natural ecosystems. Manitoba is a vast wild province and remains a tourism frontier . . . offering quiet, quality encounters with nature. Birdwatching tours provide an excellent "window on the natural world" . . . by the design and destinations visited, we explore more landscapes and observe more wildlife than other types of tours.

You will be led by expert naturalist/ornithologist guides, and each itinerary is designed to serve both the expert and the novice birdwatcher. You'll receive a blend of birdwatching with the natural history of the areas we visit, as well as the human heritage of each region. A helpful and informative tour handbook is included with each tour, which contains a checklist of Manitoba birds and mammals.

Spring birdwatching tours start in mid-May, and finish around the first week of July. Summer birdwatching in our province is still worthwhile, as is the fall migration when millions of birds escape the boreal forest and arctic ecosystems. Our summer and fall tours always include some birdwatching and bird biology, but are not the main focus as in the spring tours.

All tours start in Winnipeg, exploring the Oak Hammock Marsh Sanctuary and the Red and Assiniboine River Valleys. The tour programme includes both southern Manitoba and Churchill which allows you to experience all of Manitoba's ecosystems . . . each offering very diverse birdlife. Did you know that the record for a 24 hour Big Day Bird Count (at a non-coastal region) was achieved in southern Manitoba?

Both tours start from Winnipeg and visit southern Manitoba's prime birding sites, being . . . Oak Hammock Marsh, Delta Marsh Complex, and Riding Mountain National Park. The longer tour also visits the Shilo Plains and Douglas Marsh areas. Feature birds regularly seen are: Sharp-tailed Grouse, Connecticut Warbler, Three-toed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, and Great Gray Owl.

In Churchill, you will explore the diverse habitats located in this exotic northern region. These habitats include . . . wet tundra, dry tundra, boreal forest, willow/alder wetlands, freshwater creeks, rivers, and ponds, the Churchill River estuary, and the marine environment of Hudson Bay. Feature birds regularly seen are: Harris and Fox Sparrow, Red-necked Phalarope, Stilt Sandpiper, Hudsonian Godwit, Pine Grosbeak, Willow Ptarmigan, Parasitic Jaeger, and the very rare Ross' Gull.

Note: All tours to Churchill include whale-watching boat tours (ice and weather permitting).

Past and present clients include: Wings, Field Guides, VENT, Warren Harden Tours, Birdquest, Ornitholidays, Hosking Tours, Ornitour, Arcatour, Wichita and Connecticut and Hartford and Massachusetts Audubon Societies, Santa Cruz Birding Club, American Birding Association, Limosa Holidays, Shinwa Tourist Corp.

Other Services . . . for individuals or groups, we offer support services to increase your birdwatching opportunities . . .

  • Ornithologist Guides: half-day and full day services available.
  • Picnics: designed to maximize time and quality of field trips.

Churchill Nature Tours - Owl

Churchill nature tours - Whimbrel

June 13 - 19, 2015 (7 days / 6 nights)
$4,195 USD/person based on double occupancy. Single supplement add $750.00 USD.

June 6 - 19, 2015 (14 days / 13 nights)
$4,995 USD/person based on double occupancy. Single supplement add $1,200.00 USD.

7 Day Itinerary...

Date Day Destination & Activity Meal Plans Lodging
June 13th 1 Flight into Winnipeg    
    Welcome dinner & orientation Dinner at hotel Hilton Suites Hotel
June 14th 2 Early morning birding (optional) Breakfast at hotel  
    Transfer to airport ... Flight to Churchill in late morning Lunch at restaurant  
    Townsite tour in the afternoon Dinner at restaurant  
    Sunset birding   Aurora Inn
June 15th 3 Morning birdwatching Breakfast at Gypsy's  
    Afternoon birding  Lunch at Gypsy's  
    Sunset birdwatching Dinner at restaurant Aurora Inn
June 16th 4 Morning birdwatching Breakfast at Gypsy's  
      Lunch at Gypsy's  
    Boat trip ... Whale watching tour    
    Sunset birding Dinner at restaurant Aurora Inn
June 17th 5 Dawn drive and birding Breakfast at Gypsy's  
    Full day birdwatching Lunch Picnic  
    Sunset birding Dinner at restaurant Aurora Inn
June 18th 6 Morning excursion or free time to shop, etc. Breakfast at Gypsy's  
    Evening flight to Winnipeg Lunch at Gypsy's  
    Finalé dinner party in evening Dinner at restaurant Hilton Suites Hotel
June 19th 7 Transfer to airport...flight home Breakfast at hotel ... END OF TOUR

"An absolutely marvelous birdwatching tour!"
Mauro Bailo, owner of Ornitour, Italy

Excellence in Ecotourism since 1985.

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