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North Baffin Island Tour

(10 days / 9 nights) . . .

June 15 - 24, 2016 (Full)

$11,250 USD/person from Ottawa
$1,100 USD Deposit Required.

Single Supplement TBA

Tour Leader : Pat Rousseau and Local Guides

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At the northern tip of Baffin Island lies the small Inuit community of Pond Inlet. The adjacent waters around Baffin Island and Bylot Island contain the richest proliferation of marine mammals in the eastern Arctic, including concentrations of Narwhal, Bowhead and Beluga whales. There are also many Harp, Bearded and Ringed Seals along with wandering Polar Bears, Walrus and migratory birds enroute to their summer nesting grounds.

Our tour takes you to the floe edge on a five day/four night camping trip using large sleds pulled by small snowmobiles. The highlight of the trip is to observe the seals and whales waiting for the ice to melt in order that they may enter the rich feeding grounds of Lancaster and Eclipse Sounds, Navy Board Inlet and Milne Inlet where the Narwhal will have their young. We may also sight Walrus, Polar Bear, and the rare Bowhead Whale. Migratory arctic birds are numerous, stopping off at the floe edge to scavenge from the bears hunting seals. Join us on this spectacular journey to the best of arctic wildlife encounters.

Baffin Islland Ice Camp
Churchill Nature Tours - Walrus

Churchill nature tours - Baffin Island Tours

Churchill Nature Tours - Bears on Baffin Island

Churchill Nature Tours - More Walrus' on Baffin Island

"Excellent tour . . . perfect trip for anyone loving the outdoors."
Barbara Polen, Leesburg, VA, USA

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